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Editoral Nominees For Best Game Of the Year

It's time for you all, choose one of the games that you like to be the best games this year (GAMESPOT VERSION)


-Battlefield : Bad Company 2(PC)-

-Hallo : Reach(XBOX360)-

-Heavy Rain(PS3)-

-Mass Effect 2(PC)-

-Red Dead Redemption(PS3)-

-Starcraft II : Wings Of Libery(PC)-

-Super Mario Galaxy 2(WII)-

-Super Meat Boy(ANY)-


For voting, Click here

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Kamis, 23 September 2010

Starcraft 2 : Wings of liberty patch 1.1

Ayo bagi penggemar Starcraft jangan sampe ketinggalan dengan patch yang ditunggu-tunggu hampir 1 bulan ini, apa aja yang ditingkatkan atau di rubah dalam patch ini ? cekidot aja :D

disini bagi yang membeli kaset Starcraft 2 original, setelah patch ini, maka kita bisa pindah server ke NA (North America).. sungguh kabar yang menggembiraka bukan ?
kita akan bermain dengan musuh-musuh yang lebih menantang di battle net :D


• The Standard (US) and Standard for Lefties (US) hotkey configurations are now available in all regions.

• A new game clock has been added. Players can now instantly see how long they’ve been in their current mission or match. This feature can be turned on or off in the Gameplay Options menu.

• A new Quick Save option is now available for the single-player campaign. Players can now quickly save their mission progress by pressing Ctrl + Q.

• A new System Panel has been added. Players can now view their local time and FPS while in game by mousing over the Menu (F10) button in the upper-left hand corner of the game screen. Laptop users can also view Wi-Fi signal strength and battery levels.

• Sight granted by death reveal no longer lifts Fog of War. Units revealed in this manner are not targetable.

• (Mac only) Moved StarCraft II data files and settings from the Documents folder into the Application Support folder.

• Support for NVIDIA 3D Vision has been added. To experience StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty in 3D on your desktop or notebook, you will need 3D Vision. For more information, visit 3D Vision StarCraft 2

Balance Changes:


Zealot : Build time increased from 33 to 38.

Warp Gate : cooldown increased from 23 to 28.


Battlecruiser : Ground damage decreased from 10 to 8.

Bunker : Build time increased from 30 to 35.

Reaper : Build time increased from 40 to 45.

Siege Tank : Siege mode damage changed from 50 to 35 (+15 armored). Upgrade damage changed from +5 to +3 (+2 armored).


Ultralisk Ram ability removed. Ultralisk will now use normal attack against buildings.Damage decreased from 15 (+25 armored) to 15 (+20 armored).

• Maps

Desert Oasis Destructible Rocks have been added to make natural expansions easier to protect. Center Xel'Naga Tower area has been narrowed.

StarCraft II Editor Improvements:

• Added new requirement types: Odd, Divide, Mod, Multiply.

• Added a chance field to effect data.

• Added support for the Slider dialog control type.

• Added a trigger to deal damage from a unit.

• Added a trigger event response to provide the amount a player or unit property changes.

• Added a trigger event when an effect executes.

• New Trigger Editor functions:

• Save Data Conversation State Value (Action).

• Load Data Conversation State Value (Action).

• Players On Team (returns Player Group associated with teams in game lobby).

• Unit Owner Changes (Event).

• Old Unit Owner (returns player ID in response to Unit Owner Changes).

• New Unit Owner (returns player ID in response to Unit Owner Changes).

• XP, Level, and Bounty unit properties can now be modified by triggers.

• Banks now save/restore XP, learned abilities, and items.

• Message Window now includes a time stamp for each message.

• An actor event is now dispatched when a missile cannot hit its target.

• When loading documents with Battle.net-only dependencies, you will now be prompted to log in and download the dependency data, rather than failing to load.

• Game variants now automatically use the default melee variants for new maps, without requiring manual generation. This will not take effect for maps created prior to this patch.

• The Custom game variant is no longer automatically included when other non-default variants are defined.

• Increased the maximum recharge vital rate for heal effects.

Bug Fixes:

> Battle.net

• Chat windows no longer vanish when exiting a multiplayer map or campaign mission.

• Fixed an issue where players would still receive toasts when their status was set to busy.

> Custom Games

• Default race in a game lobby is now properly set to Random.

• Players can now configure the lobby for 1v5 matches.

• The search functionality for map searches has been improved.

• Lobby hosts will now receive a toast when an invited player declines an invitation.

• Custom game lobbies will now remember the game mode chosen under a category.

• Fixed an issue where changing the category to "Custom" would default the teams to 5v3.

• Fixed an issue where custom maps could not be reported from the map preview screen.



• If a unit loads into a transport, missiles targeting it will no longer target similar units in the area.

• Structures damaged during construction will no longer count towards structures lost.

• Fixed an issue where builders waiting for an area to clear could block units trying to leave the area.

• Fixed an issue with inventory drop range checks.

• Fixed an issue that, in certain cases, allowed a command to be issued that did not appear on the command card.


• Queue tooltips now display information about what is in progress.

• Fixed an issue where the back button would not always return players to the score screen properly.


• Marines trained at multiple Barracks will now prefer a Barracks with a Reactor over one with a Tech Lab or no attachment.

• SCVs will now load into the closest Command Center if multiple are within range.


• Creep now recedes properly when an AI-controlled Hatchery, Lair, or Hive is destroyed.

StarCraft II Editor

• The Player Leaves Game event now fires when a player leaves or they are defeated/victorious.

• Loading screen progress bar option now works when using Melee loading screen type.

• Test Document now works properly on maps with Battle.net-only dependencies.

• Publishing a new file using Major revision will now properly set the document version to 1.0.

• Publish dialog now properly remembers the Show Real Name setting from previous publish.

• File preview panel now displays author's real name if that option was set during publishing.

• The Import module will now allow importing an override Assets.txt file.

• Undoing a terrain object modification will now also undo associated terrain changes.

• Editor will display document text from another locale if no text for the active locale exists.

• Copying points with custom models will display the model properly on the pasted point.

• It is no longer possible to have multiple default variants in the Game Variants dialog.

• Removed icon support for attribute and variant definitions, as Battle.net does not display these.

• Fixed issues with invalid map bounds when creating 32x32 maps.

• Fixed issues with poor performance in the Terrain Editor when scroll bars are visible.

• Fixed issues with drag-and-drop in Trigger Editor when tracking is not enabled.

• Fixed an issue that would cause a crash if multiple unit forms had too many abilities.

• Fixed an issue with temporary publish names in the Publish dialog still verifying the original name.

• Fixed an issue with the Unit Manipulates Item trigger.

• Fixed excessive delays on some systems when saving files using the Smaller Files option, and also when publishing Locked files.

• Fixed preview panel display in Terrain Editor palettes.

• Fixed performance issues in Terrain Editor when modifying terrain with many road tiles on the map.

• Fixed initial display of variables in the Trigger Debugging Window.

• Fixed generated script for built-in attribute values, which caused them to not be accessed properly.

• Fixed action list when modifying a Custom Script action without sub-views enabled.

• Fixed loading map dependency data.

• Fixed an issue where loading complex bank files would cause the client to disconnect from Battle.net.

Technical Issues

• Fixed an issue where unplugging headphones could cause the game to freeze.

• Fixed an issue where XP systems running with Unicode characters enabled could prevent a player from starting a multiplayer game.

Jika di lihat dari list di atas sepertinya banyak nerf yang di lakukan oleh pihak Blizzard untuk menyeimbangkan unit2 di setiap ras yang ada. Secara saya pemain Protoss, sepertinya impact yang di nerf tidak lah sebesar untuk Terran.

Bagaimana menurut kalian?

Flash 64 Bit Review

Adobe baru saja mengeluarkan Flash player terbaru yaitu "SQUARE" Flash 64 bit, dimana player ini sudah mensupport semua platform operating sistem yang ada.
Versi 64 bit?? tentu saja sudah pasti masuk dalam daftar 'want list' oleh berbagai kalangan pengguna enthusiast yang sudah tentu telah menunggu lama.

Dengan dikeluarkannya Flash player yang mensupport 64 bit oleh Adobe tentu saja menyenangkan banyak pihak.
sebagai kabar baik, produk besutan Adobe ini akan dirilis berbarengan di platform windows dan kemudian di platform linux.
Flash versi terbaru ini tentu saja mensupport Mac OS X, Windows dan Linux versi terbaru dimana kinerjanya akan sangat cepat dan stabil.

Produk flash player terbaru yang disebut "SQUARE" didesain menggunakan GPU processing power, sebagaimana telah dibuat dan disesuaikan dengan browser yang telah dirilis baru baru saja, yaitu IE9 Beta........ya! Internet Explorer 9 vesi Beta.
Pihak Adobe mengatakan bahwa versi ini masih dalam versi beta dan tentusaja dalam proses penyempurnaannya akan ada peningkatan peningkatan dan pengaturan kode kode sebelum memasuki versi final release.

Radeon HD 6000 akan meluncur !

Pihak amd yang tidak lama lagi akan mempersiapkan VGA dengan seri terbarunya 'RADEON HD6000' yang diberi codename yang diambil dari nama pulau di laut Mediterrania yaitu "Southern Islands".

Seri HD 6000 ini akan menggunakan arsitektur 40nm dari TSMC, yang sebenarnya pada awalnya direncanakan memakai chip 32nm tapi sayangnya keputusan TSMC yang loncat produksi dari 40nm langsung ke 28nm yang kemungkinan membuat AMD tetap menggunakan chip 40nm. Spekulasi yang beredar menyatakan bahwa kartu grafis HD 6000 series hanya sebuah tweak dari seri HD 5000, jika hal tersebut itu benar bisa diisyaratkan bila tidak atau belum ada perubahan signifikan dari kinerja tessellation yang bisa dikatakan suatu kelemahan mereka pada seri HD 5000 lalu saat ditekuk lawannya.

Hal tersebut diatas baru spekulasi yang beredar dan belum tentu kebenarannya. Kartu grafis HD 6000 akan mulai diluncurkan pada akhir Oktober mendatang.

Rabu, 02 Juni 2010


tidak perlu keluar rumah dan pergi jauh ke toko :)


kALAU MAU CARI GAME . . PM AJA GAN KE arieluthfi@yahoo.co.id atau ke facebook ane :)

biaya COD Rp.5000 untuk wilayah ujung berung, cibiru dan sekitarnya ! daerah lain Rp.10.000

Garansi 1 minggu dari tanggal invoice, jika ada kerusakan, kirimkan kembali akan kami ganti ongkos kirim anda!
Kami menggunakan DVD Verbatim terbaik untuk jaminan kualitas!
Garansi diluar kerusakan karena pemakaian, tidak sesuai spesifikasi PC anda, atau versi yang dibeli salah. pastikan terlebih dahulu sebelum membeli.
Untuk PC yang menggunakan Windows 7, karena masih terlalu banyak masalah dengan game-game (bahkan game terbaru), harap mencari di internet untuk penyelesaian masalahnya. cobalah menggunakan PC lain yang menggunakan sistem operasi windows XP/Vista.
Garansi hanya berlaku untuk penukaran game yang sama.

Jumat, 21 Mei 2010


Setelah sekian lama gak postingan lagi . . akhirnya saya di kasih kesempatan untuk berpostingan lagi . . hhe

pada postingan kali ini . . saya akan membahas software 'CCleaner'
pasti kalian ada yang tahu tentang software ini? ? . . yap benar sekali software ini berguna untuk membersihkan sisa cache pada waktu kita internetan dan meng-fix regitry yang corrupt . .
selain itu software ini berguna untuk membuat PC kita semakin ringan karena registry yang kita betulkan menjadi optimal :D

langsung ajj deh ke link downloadnya . . ini software terbaru dari ccleaner Version 2.31.1153
-via filehippo
-via piriform

Sabtu, 27 Maret 2010


pada awal bulan maret para gamers dunia digemparkan dengan teknologi DRM yang tidak bisa di crack alias tidak bisa dibajak, teknologi ini awal berada saat pe-releasean game ASSASSIN'S CREED 2 yang ditunggu-tunggu dengan sabar oleh penduduk dunia, orang2 kecewa dan sangat kaget mendengar berita terknologi DRM ini, pasalnya game2 lain pun akan mengikuti teknologi ini di masa yang akan datang.
saya pun turut kecewa atas teknologi ini, para hacker mencoba untuk mengatasi masalah ini. namun akhirnya percuma saja, dari kubu RAZOR sudah menyerah dengan teknologi ini, sedangkan dari kubu SKIDROW masih berusaha mengatasi situasi ini sampai2 mereka meng-hack situs web ubisoft.com dalang dari semua ini ! !

saya sangat khawatir bila semua games mengikuti perkembangan teknologi ini, saya pun akan tersingkirkan dari dunia games, pasalnya saya harus membeli disk original yang harganya sebanding dengan vga ati radeon hd sekitar 50$ . .